Dr. Joseph (Joe) M. Hahn

Research Scientist with the Space Science Institute,
& Data Scientist at CSC

Space Science Institute
c/o Center for Space Research
University of Texas at Austin
3925 West Braker Lane
Suite 200
Austin, TX 78759-5378

Phone: (512) 992 - 9962
E-mail: jhahn at spacescience.org
(replacing "at" with "@")

visit my blog on planetary science: Solar System Watch

software stored at my github repository

Research Interests

  • Dynamics of planetary systems
  • The formation and evolution of planets, satellites, and planetary rings
  • The Kuiper Belt
  • Comets & interplanetary dust
  • Circumstellar disks

Data Science Resume

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Background

Presentations and Conference Results



Animations of various calculations I've done.

sample chapters from the Textbook I am writing, on planetary dynamics.

Courses taught at the University of Texas

ASE 396: Dynamics of Planetary Systems

Courses taught at Saint Mary's University

PHY 211: University Physics II

PHY 3405: Classical Mechanics

ASTR 5622: Astrophysical Dynamics

Graduate Students

Christopher C. Capobianco, who completed his Masters degree at Saint Mary's in 2006.
Thesis title: Modelling Dusty Planetary Disks Using Secular Perturbation Theory.