Barbara A. Whitney

I am an astronomer working at the Space Science Institute (SSI).  SSI is located in Boulder, CO, and I live and work in Madison, WI.   I also work at the University of Wisconsin.   Here's a picture illustrating my two main outdoor activities last winter (okay I can see this is out of date in the summer):

(bicycling and snow shoveling) 

Here's an artist's rendition of our Galaxy:
  barb back
Here's another:
Our Galaxy
See here for more description and downloadable images.


Monte Carlo radiation transfer codes available here.
GLIMPSE, an infrared survey of our Galactic Plane
GLIMPSE360, completing the Spitzer survey of the Galactic Plane
SAGE, an infrared survey of the Magellanic Clouds
YSOVARS, a variability study of thousands of forming stars; here's a pretty picture.
Refereed publication list from the Astrophysics Data System

Older stuff but kinda fun

Star formation
Eta carina

Older stuff but kind of fun

Walks in the neighborhood
Airplane stories