View Bala Poduval's profile on LinkedIn A Heliophysicist currently developing methods of solar wind prediction, estimation of prediction errors, and improved space weather forecast based on Machine Learning techniques.

Global solar wind - V-map: Created using the Current Sheet Source Surface (CSSS) model (Zhao & Hoeksema, JGR, 1995) and the Wang and Sheeley emprical relation between flux tube expansion factor and solar wind speed (Wang & Sheeley, ApJ, 1990).


PSP/ISOIS User Guide

External Data Sources useful for PSP/ISOIS data analysis - An Excel spreadsheet


The full point spread functions (PSFs: single tar file) and their inverses for the SDO/AIA EUV telescopes in 94, 131, 171, 193, 211, 304, 335 Å are available as a supplemental data to my paper Point--Spread Functions for the Extreme--Ultraviolet Channels of SDO/AIA Telescopes, The Astrophys. J., 765, 144, doi:10.1088/0004-637X/765/2/144. It is located near the end of Introduction.

If you have questions or cannot access the data, please feel free to contact me.

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