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Water Ice Clouds on Mars as viewed by MARCI.

Products Available


The paper describing the retrieval will appear here soon (really).

"GCM"-resolution binned data products

Fields: latitude, longitude, water ice optical depth, dust optical depth (not retrieved by MARCI), polar cap pixel flag

Formats: GIF, Text, NetCDF

Filenames: cld_SSSSS_XX_YYY_ZZZ.{txt,nc} - SSSS = unique string representing spatial and temporal binning; XX = Mars Year; YYY,ZZZ = range of LS covered.

Calibration Version 08, 3x2 (lng x lat) degrees, 10 degrees in LS: here (updated: 03-December-2013).

Global Daily Maps in GIF format

Calibration Version 08, Native Resolution (8 PPD; files updated: 03-December-2013): 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 (cylindrical projection including poles, where surface ice "appears" as cloud opacity; scale bar in optical depth @ 320 nm).


info This page is being actively updated (as of December 1, 2013), so please contact MichaelWolff if there are particular products or details that you would like to see.

info Looking for a NetCDF viewer? Try Panoply .

warning The retrieval assumes a non-ice covered surface and thus any surface ice will appear as "clouds." A flag for potential polar cap pixels is set based upon polar-regression curves (for an axisymmetric cap) and the observed absolute reflectance. However, the GIF products do not (yet) incorporate this information.

warning The dust column for the "version 08" calibration is currently taken from a CRISM-based zonal tabulation; this provides contemporaneous retrievals for 2006 through late 2010 (when gimbal problems eliminated a useful range for the EPF observations); after than an "average Mars Year" is employed.

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