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Ozone abundances as viewed by MARCI

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infoPage undergoing construction as of 01-December-2013. Old files removed. Updated products expected by early January 2014. Contact MichaelWolff if you would like something before then.

warning The ozone abundances in the presence of a polar hood may have problematic transitions across the residual cap boundary (a sharp change in ozone from hood to cap, high to low). This will be addressed in the next version of the retrieval.

warning The dust column is currently taken from a TES-based climatology. As such, the retrievals during the planet encircling dust event in 2007 (particularly the ozone abundances) are suspect for days ~170-270 (in 2007).

warning Cylindrical projections may have wrapping issues near the pole, i.e., subsequent orbits can "over-write" previous values.

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