The Plasmasphere and Warm Plasma Cloak

September 18-20, 2018
Fuller Lodge
Los Alamos, New Mexico, US

The goals of this workshop are to:

    Assess the latest knowledge
    Assess the outstanding problems
    Develop plans to solve the outstanding problems

The workshop will be a mix of presentations and audience discussions.

Potential workshop discussion topics:

    What do we know about the origin and evolution of the warm plasma cloak?
    Plasmaspheric refilling rates: are they right or wrong? If wrong, why?
    Is there radial transport of the plasmasphere by interchange?
    Is oxygen-rich cloak plasma captured into the refilling outer plasmasphere?
    Where does the long-lived plume come from: ionospheric outflow or drainage from the magnetosphere?
    Where does the plume plasma go? LLBL versus over the poles? Is it recycled?
    What outflow mechanisms act for the plasmasphere and for the cloak?
    Is the plasmasphere symmetric with respect to Earth longitude? If not, why?
    Does a filled plasmasphere precondition the magnetosphere for a storm?
    Does the outer plasmasphere corotate?


Joe Borovsky, Space Science Institute, Los Alamos
    jborovsky (at)
Mick Denton, Space Science Institute, Los Alamos
    mdenton (at)


Los Alamos is located in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.
The workshop will be held in the historic Fuller Lodge in downtown Los Alamos:


Hotels in Los Alamos:

Comfort Inn and Suites (1000 feet from Fuller Lodge)

Holiday Inn Express & Suites (3 miles from Fuller Lodge**)

Bed and Breakfasts in Los Alamos:

North Road Inn (2 miles from Fuller Lodge**)

Pueblo Canyon Inn (4 miles from Fuller Lodge**)

** There is free public transport available to Fuller Lodge

Travel to Los Alamos:

Los Alamos is a ~2-hour drive from the Albuquerque Airport (ABQ) or a ~1-hour drive from the Santa Fe Airport (SAF).  Both have domestic connections to other US cities.
The drive can be made by rental car or by Road Runner Shuttle.


There will be no registration fee for the workshop. Please contact Joe or Mick to get on the attendance list and in the workshop schedule.

Extra Time:

If you have an extra day before or after the workshop, Bandelier National Monument is12 miles away, Santa Fe is 40 miles, Ghost Ranch is 60 miles, ….

There are lots of other things to do in northern New Mexico!